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5 habits that hurt your teeth

Minneapolis residents take their health seriously - we're the fittest city in America after all. But have you ever thought if some of your habits are harming the health of your teeth? Keep these 5 habits in mind as you go throughout your day:


1. Sugar is bad for teeth: Sugar is consumed by acid-producing bacteria in your mouth which eat the protective layer of enamel located on the exterior of teeth. Candies get stuck between your teeth and weaken your enamel making it easier for your teeth to stain due to other foods and drinks. 

While sparkling water is less acidic than soda, multiple cans a day can still add up.

While sparkling water is less acidic than soda, multiple cans a day can still add up.

2. Rinse your mouth after consuming acidic beverages: Wine and sparkling waters (like LaCroix or Perrier) are acidic - which can wear out enamel. Rinse your mouth with water after drinking one of these beverages or mix in a few squares of cheese to level out the acidity.

3. Think twice before chewing ice: The hardness and cold temperature can fracture your teeth. This can also lead to cracking a filling or chipping off enamel.


4. Avoid brushing too hard: Vigorous brushing with a hard bristled brush hurts your teeth by wearing out enamel and causing receding gums and increased teeth sensitivity. Another way to avoid improper brushing is by getting a smart electric brush. Our personal favorite is the Philips Sonicare.

5. Don't use teeth to open or remove packaging: You can chip a tooth or suffer from poor jaw alignment as a result of using your teeth as a scissors or pliers.

Be mindful of the affects common habits have on your teeth. Learn more about daily oral hygiene by scheduling an appointment at Lorentzen Dental - call (763) 540-0101 today or visit our contact page.