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Use Your FSA (Flex) Money at Lorentzen Dental


Some dental procedures at Lorentzen Dental qualify for FSA (Flex) money - same with your HSA.

Did you know that certain dental procedures may qualify for you FSA or Flex dollars? That’s right. You can use your pre-tax dollars for some very common dental procedures.

Your FSA dollars need to be spent by the end of the year. Fortunately, dental procedures like cleanings, x-rays, or repairing teeth using bonding, crowns or bridges can qualify for these pre-tax dollars. Right before the holiday season is the perfect time to take care of any dental needs you’ve been putting off. It’s not too early to think about going in to the new year with a perfect checkup, or to restore damaged or uncomfortable teeth.

At Lorentzen Dental, we offer free-consultations for all restorative dentistry. If you are experiencing discomfort or lack functionality with your teeth please contact us to schedule a free consultation today. Our Patient Coordinator Sandy can help you organize your FSA benefits, as well as any insurance questions you have.

In addition to FSA dollars, HSA dollars are eligible for many of the same services.

Contact us today to make an appointment for your cleaning and exam, or to schedule your free-consultation.

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