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Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Veneers and cosmetics should look natural - like the results in this photo (case performed by Dr. Lorentzen)

Veneers and cosmetics should look natural - like the results in this photo (case performed by Dr. Lorentzen)

Technology and Award-Winning Dentistry Make This the Best Time to Get Cosmetic Dentistry

Your cosmetic dentistry should look natural, like the picture of this naturally-flawless case performed by Dr. Lorentzen. But in the early days of veneers and cosmetics, not every dentist saw it this way.

The Early Days of Veneers

Not so long ago, most veneers were easy to spot.

“When veneers were new, not everyone used them properly and for that reason veneers were often big, blocky and easy to spot,” says Dr. Lorentzen. “I have always been a fan of using veneers, even when the technology was relatively new, but it was really important to know how to craft them and when to use them. It quickly became a powerful tool in creating a natural look - the look I became known for.”

Fortunately the fad of big, blocky veneers has passed and now it seems everyone wants a naturally beautiful smile.

Dr. Lorentzen says, “If you look at celebrities today many have had full cosmetic smile makeovers, but you don’t really notice. Many of them look like they whiten regularly, had braces growing up or were just born with perfect teeth.”

Knowing how to balance perfection and personality is key to creating a beautiful smile.


Natural is in

Dr. Lorentzen has always been a fan of creating smiles that look naturally beautiful. With veneers, for example, he uses the most advanced materials available so he can create ultra-thin details that look completely natural. Your close friends will see the difference. To the rest of the world it looks like you were born with it.


Veneers can transform a smile to picture perfect almost overnight. “Nothing gives a patient more power than choosing to makeover their smile with veneers,” says Dr. Lorentzen. Patients love how customizable veneers are. Veneers allow Dr. Lorentzen to create almost any look. And at Lorentzen Dental the patient can actually see the results before the procedure using our proprietary 3D Modeling.

Building a 3D Model is an important step you will find only at Lorentzen Dental.

Building a 3D Model is an important step you will find only at Lorentzen Dental.

3D Modeling

The 3D Model turns the patients goals for their smile in to a physical model that can be seen - and touched - by the patient before any procedures start. It’s an important step in giving the patient a truly custom smile.

Veneers and Advanced Materials

While Dr. Lorentzen’s approach to working with veneers hasn’t changed much, what has changed is how they are made. Veneers today are made using advanced porcelain materials. These materials look perfectly natural with the translucence of real teeth and are incredibly durable.

Metals vs. Composites

Metals, like gold and silver, used to be the material of choice for sealants and bonding - even for tooth replacement. The image of a gold-tooth was synonymous with wealth and good hygiene. Fortunately, those days are long gone with the advancement of composites. Composites and advanced porcelains allow Dr. Lorentzen to create completely naturally looking crowns and tooth replacements.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening has evolved significantly in the last 10 years. Lorentzen Dental uses the industries most trusted whitening brand - Philips ZOOM! Whitening. The biggest advancement is in one-visit whitening where patients can now receive the equivalent of a weeks worth of at-home whitening in one office visit. At-home whitening has advanced as well. Whitening trays were once worn overnight for a week or more, but can now be worn for 30 minutes or less.

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