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Award-Winning Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Steven Lorentzen is a leader in cosmetic dentistry - and many of those same abilities make him a leader in restorative dentistry as well. “Having functional teeth means comfort, confidence and freedom. Working with a patient who has damaged teeth or discomfort when trying to chew gives me a special opportunity to positively impact their life - to make a lasting change.”

Free Consultations

Restorations by Dr. Lorentzen begin with the same great free-consultation as cosmetic procedures. Dr. Lorentzen’s commitment to personally manage each step of the restorative process is what makes Lorentzen Dental a one-of-a-kind experience. Only the most advanced materials are used at Lorentzen Dental; like the most advanced porcelain available. It looks translucent and fluorescent - just like real teeth - while providing unrivaled durability. Patients leave Lorentzen Dental feeling confident; just like they did before their teeth were damaged.

Another similarity between cosmetic and restorative procedures is the use of temporaries. Temporaries are crafted while the patient is in the office. They are a placeholder that protects the damaged area, and allows for normal speech. They also look incredibly convincing. “All the temporaries I use I custom make by hand. They look amazing, but don’t have the same durability as the permanent restoration” says Dr. Lorentzen.

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