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Artistry and Cosmetic Dentistry

Steven Lorentzen Golden Valley Cosmetic Dentist

What makes Dr. Lorentzen a great cosmetic dentist?

You would have to look pretty hard to find another dentist as involved in the cosmetic process as Dr. Lorentzen. He has dedicated his career to crafting the finest cosmetic dentistry in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota. What’s his secret? “I’m more involved behind the scenes than the average cosmetic dentist,” says Dr. Lorentzen. “We are providing a luxury service and I feel like I’m an artist or craftsman as much as a medical professional.”

The Artistry of Cosmetic Dentistry

It takes a keen eye and trained hands to form perfectly natural cosmetics. “There’s a lot of similarities between fine jewelry making and fine cosmetic work - in fact one of my hobbies is making jewelry and casting metals.” With his over 30 years of experience in cosmetics, Dr. Lorentzen and his Patient Coordinator Sandy are able to put together cosmetic solutions that bring unrivaled beauty.

Dr. Lorentzen has recently been working with raw stone.

Dr. Lorentzen has recently been working with raw stone.

Sandy explains, “It all starts with a free-consultation, where Dr. Lorentzen and I get to know the patient and find out what their goals are and what they would like enhanced. Once the patient is happy and we feel like we understand their goals, Dr. Lorentzen handles each part of the procedure personally. His commitment to each case is why we have such a high percentage of happy patients, I believe.”

After cutting, polishing and shaping the stone, he finishes them by setting them in silver.

After cutting, polishing and shaping the stone, he finishes them by setting them in silver.

Providing Unrivaled cosmetic dentistry in fewer visits

From building your 3D Model to sitting side-by-side with his lab technician of 25 years, Dr. Lorentzen handles and oversees every aspect of the cosmetics process. This provides the patient with outstanding results. It also streamlines the process and minimizes patient visits. Where other dentists may require a dozen appointments or more, Dr. Lorentzen finds he could have a case concluded in as little as 3 visits.

Veneers at Lorentzen Dental

“Veneers are the service patients get most interested in. Patients start to think of the endless possibilities to create a perfectly natural smile and they really get excited about the process. Patients leave here feeling more confident; more able to be themselves.”

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