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Alternatives to Candy for Halloween

It’s that time of year where buckets get filled up with candies and brought home to watchful parents. With all the attention put on health these days many people know the down-side to sugary candies - health complications and potentially damaged teeth.

We’ve been looking for alternatives to candy to give out during halloween. Things like glow sticks, stickers, arts and crafts supplies, spooky trinkets and even dried fruit are possible alternatives to candy. Whatever alternative you come up with just remember to keep it fun!

It’s very hard to keep all the candy away from your kids (and maybe yourself) this time of year. The best thing to remember is to instill regular brushing habits and keep adequately hydrated. Trying to monitor your child's habits and making sure they don’t go overboard may be more realistic than keeping them away from candy altogether.

We’ll make sure you and your child get a new toothbrush on your next visit! Have a Happy Halloween!

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