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Halloween and Keeping Teeth Healthy

Halloween Lorentzen Dental Minneapolis Golden Valley

Halloween is a week away and that means that your little ones - and maybe even you - will be tempted with piles of sweets and treats that can wreak havoc on the health of your teeth. We asked Dr. Lorentzen for some helpful tips to keep healthy and what candy ranks the worst for damaging your teeth.

Tips and Tricks (for Treats)

The #1 thing to avoid is “the candy stash.” If Halloween were just one day that wouldn’t be such a big deal. But if your child has candy that could last for weeks and is constantly munching then that could cause issues. Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar and produce acid that eats away at enamel which leads to tooth decay or cavities. By constantly having access to sugar your mouth never has the opportunity to lower the acidity and damage to teeth is accelerated.

Maintaining basic hygiene with brushing twice and day and flossing once a day is critical when the candy comes out. Adding a brushing after your child eats candy may be a good idea to remove bits of candy that stick to teeth.

Worst Candy

One of the worst candies to eat are soft, chewy candies as they stick to teeth allowing bacteria to feed on the sugars hours after you’ve finished. These candies can be especially bad if they are “sour” coated, as the sour coating will raise acidity as well. Milk Chocolate is generally worse than dark chocolate as it has higher levels of sugar. Suckers and hard candies are bad because they stay in the mouth for long periods of time - and equally as bad is that they can crack or chip teeth if chewed.

Year end is approaching fast - if you need to book a cleaning & check-up or want to get a pre-holiday whitening, give us a call or click “Request Appointment” at the top of this page. Have a great Halloween!