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How Cosmetics Can Benefit Dental Health


It seems that cosmetic dentistry doesn’t only benefit the aesthetics of a person’s smile (think perfect first impressions, flawless photos and tons of confidence).

There are non-aesthetic benefits to cosmetic dentistry as well. We think of these as an extra bonus to a new, customized smile makeover.

Enhancing Facial Structure

Small or narrow teeth effect the shape of your face, especially around the cheek bones. Cosmetic Dentistry can help fill out the face and give it a more full and natural look.

Closing Gaps in Your Teeth

Gaps in your teeth are a perfect place for bits of food to hang out. Food being stuck in your teeth can lead to tooth decay. By closing gaps in your teeth your risk of decay is lowered.

Strengthen Teeth

Cosmetics, like veneers, are stronger than your teeth. The chances of cracking or chipping a cosmetic are far lower than with your teeth.

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