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HSA contribution limits have been published for 2020

An HSA may provide dollars for some dental services at Lorentzen Dental

Health Savings Accounts are a popular way to provide pre-tax dollars for out-of-pocket medical expenses. More commonly known simply as “HSA” many employees will put funds aside at the beginning of the year to cover common medical expenses not covered by insurance. Some dental procedures (but not all) may qualify for HSA dollars. Our Patient Coordinator, Sandy, can help guide you to see if cleanings, exams or restorative procedures like tooth bonding or crowns qualify.

Limit’s for HSA contributions in 2020 were recently published. According to the Journal of Accountancy, the limit on individual (self-only) contributions will go up $50 to $3,550 and the limit for family contributions will increase $100 to $7,100. HSA limitations are adjusted each year for inflation.

If you have questions about Health Savings Accounts consult with your accountant, tax professional or Human Resources department.

If you have an existing HSA contact Lorentzen Dental today to see what services qualify. (763) 540-0101