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Meet Dr. Steven Lorentzen, DDS

Dr. Lorentzen Golden Valley Dentist

Why did you choose to set up your dental practice in Golden Valley?

I moved my practice to Golden Valley 20 years ago. It has been a fantastic place to put a cosmetic and aesthetic dental practice. Being right off (Highway) 394 means we are a convenient stop for anyone in Minneapolis, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Saint Louis Park or surrounding area. Having clients from all over the Twin Cities and beyond, convenience was a huge factor.

Choosing The Colonnade as our building offers a lot of other conveniences to our clients - and allows us to offer a completely hassle-free experience. The little things - like the ample, free, covered parking - brings year-round convenience few others can provide.

We knew this would be a great location when we moved in. With the additions of The West End and The Arcata Apartments this really has become a great area to work, live and go out.

Besides whitening - what are some of the new technologies in cosmetic dentistry that get you excited?

The technology that most excites me is the advancements made in materials. Porcelain has been used in veneers and crowns for many years, but the porcelain I use today is 6-10x stronger than what was available in the past. Stronger material means I can create ultra-thin cosmetics and restorations with as much detail as the case requires.

Is restorative dentistry all about restoring function, or is it also about appearance?

First - every case we do, regardless of whether it’s cosmetic or restorative, will look great and provide outstanding functionality. Knowing the difference between restorative and cosmetic procedures is most important for insurance purposes. Technically, restorative dentistry is about addressing issues with damage and functionality. If you have had a tooth fail, have extensive wear, a crown or sealant fail or have any issue that impairs your teeth's ability to function and you have dental coverage on your insurance those procedures may be covered. My Office Manager, Sandy, is great at contacting and working with insurance on your behalf.

Restorative cases start with a free-consultation, just like cosmetic and aesthetic cases. From there we can assess the best plan of action to give someone the functionality they need and a smile that looks great.

How did you and your Patient Coordinator Sandy meet?

Sandy use to be a patient of mine! I knew she had a history of working in the dental industry, so when I needed an Office Manager I asked her if she would join the team. This month will be 30 years working with Sandy!

Outside of the office, what do you have planned for this summer?

This summer my wife and I became grandparents so spending time with our new grandson is a huge priority. We also will be doing a week of hiking in Colorado - we love the outdoors! My wife loves to run and I will be supporting her at a few races. With whatever time is left over we will visit the lakes as much as we can and play a few rounds of golf, too.