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Meet Sandy Moen, Patient Coordinator at Lorentzen Dental

What makes a great dental practice? A great staff. Sandy Moen has been working as Patient Coordinator for Dr. Lorentzen for 29 years. She is the main contact for all new and existing patients. We sat down with Sandy to ask her a few questions about her experience at Lorentzen Dental.

Sandy Moen, Patient Coordinator

Sandy Moen, Patient Coordinator

What makes dentistry at Lorentzen Dental unique?

What makes dentistry at Lorentzen Dental unique is the one on one experience we give our clients. From the moment a new or existing client contacts us our #1 priority is listening to their needs and what they wish to accomplish.

As the patient coordinator what types of things do you go over during a free-consultation?

Our no-charge consultation consists of two parts. First is an Introductory Meeting where the client gets to meet myself and share their goals, needs and concerns. We tour the practice and meet Dr. Lorentzen. At that time Dr. Lorentzen will gather additional information, listen to the client and share his expertise. We will also gather photos and diagnostic information to prepare for the 2nd meeting.

Second is a Follow-Up Meeting where Dr. Lorentzen shares his recommendations on how best to proceed and what procedures will achieve the clients goals. Once we have all reached a concencus, I go over possible insurance options, payment plans and fees with the client.

What's the biggest advancement to be made in dentistry from when you started in the industry to today?

The biggest advancement for me from the start of my career is the advancements made with veneers and implants to replace congenitally missing teeth, broken teeth, and teeth that have failed from RCT.

In your dealings with dental insurance - how does coverage differ from cosmetic and restorative procedures?

If there are old existing restorations present, typically we can access a patients insurance benefits for them. However, each case is unique. The type of and extent of wear can play a factor. The best way for us to find out is to talk over the phone or get the client in for a consultation.

After someone has an awesome experience with you and Dr. Lorentzen would you prefer they send a gift of baked goods or fruit basket?

 If someone has an awesome experience, the best gift of all are their words of appreciation.