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Orthodontics isn't the only solution - cosmetics are more powerful than ever!


Cosmetic dentistry can be an alternative to orthodontics

For an adult the idea of having braces, spacers or other orthodontic solutions can be less than ideal, but if you have gaps in your teeth, crooked teeth or teeth that are out of alignment you may feel like there aren’t other solutions. The fact is with the amazing possibility of cosmetic dentistry there may be other options to braces or spacers. The best part about cosmetics is that you will see an almost immediate change in your smile, instead of waiting months or years.

The best part is that cosmetic dentistry is fully customizable, unlike orthodontics. With cosmetics you have control over shape, size and level of whiteness of your teeth. Dr. Lorentzen can use his 30 years of experience to help you create your dream smile; something that is both perfect and natural all at the same time.

“I have adult patients that will inquire about orthodontics,” says Dr. Lorentzen. “The first question I ask is if they' are satisfied with the shape and shade of their teeth. If the answer is ‘yes,’ then ortho (short for orthodontics) is a great way to go. If the answer is ‘no’ then they usually opt for a cosmetic work up. With very thin porcelain veneers we can straighten crooked teeth, close unsightly spaces, reshape malformed teeth, lighten dark enamel - and we can do all these things while keeping a very natural final appearance.”

Cosmetic dentistry can provide many solutions to address issues with your teeth. Through veneers, crowns and bondings it’s possible to fix and enhance almost any smile - without requiring you to get braces or to wait months for results. The results from cosmetic dentistry are almost instant - requiring only a few visits to our practice (learn more about our proprietary 3D Modeling process and how it minimizes follow-up visits).

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