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The 5 Most Common Reasons People Get Cosmetic Dentistry


Our smile conveys so much to the world. Smiling means having fun with friends, showing appreciation for a kind gesture and letting someone know you are listening. A smile can also increase trust and perceived value. If you are nervous to smile or holding back you could be sending the wrong signals - and that’s a shame, because people deserve the real you.


The Top 5 Reasons People Get Cosmetic Dentistry

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Increase Confidence

Lot’s of patients express that they are not confident about their smile. For years they’ve felt like they need to hide their teeth in photos and around friends.

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Better Communication

When patients do a lot of public speaking or networking they often pursue a better smile to give them an edge. According to a study performed by Kelton Research, 73% of Americans said they trust someone with a nice smile over someone with a good job, nice clothes or nice car. Those with nice smiles are also remembered more easily and perceived as being more successful. Smiling is a common tactic taught in communications, speaking courses, and executive level training.

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A Major Life Event

Preparing for a major life event like a wedding, reunion, job interview or promotion are common reasons we see people for free-consultations. These are occasions where photos may last a lifetime or making a lasting impression can increase your likelihood of success.


Lifestyle Habits

Patients come in because some habit - like tobacco use or excessive coffee and red wine drinking - has caused staining and damage to the enamel of teeth.


It’s very common for patients to come in because they feel like their teeth are starting to show their age. Teeth play a vital functional, as well as aesthetic, roll in the body. Because of that constant use and exposure even minor insufficiencies in a hygiene routine can compound over the decades.

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