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Timing cosmetic dentistry when getting plastic surgery


You deserve to look and feel your best. Fortunately the world of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry have a lot to offer. If you are planning a complete cosmetic makeover you might be wondering - When should I schedule my dental procedures with my cosmetic surgeries?

The answer is: It depends, but most likely you want to pursue your dental work first.

Doing your cosmetic dentistry first makes sense. Dr. Lorentzen finds that through cosmetics the smile can be subtly widened, accomplishing a more full, youthful appearance to the face. Combine that with choosing a naturally white shade of porcelain for your veneers or crowns and cosmetic dentistry can help make you look younger and more vital.

There are many factors that could influence when to schedule your procedures. Our Patient Coordinator Sandy and Dr. Lorentzen have decades of experience and will help make sure you time your procedures in the most efficient way possible. The “new you” can be quickly achieved at Lorentzen Dental.

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