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Dental Hygiene Can Show Signs of Your Bodies Overall Health

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Dental Cleanings and Check-ups Can Help Keep Your Entire Body Healthy

Our cleanings and exams involve educating our patients about proper dental care between visits. Because the health of your teeth and mouth can have a real impact on the health of our body. Bad dental hygiene can lead to more than just bad breathe or light stains on your teeth.

Reduce Bacteria in the mouth

One of the most important parts of dental hygiene is reducing bacteria in the mouth. High levels of bacteria can cause gum disease and gingivitis. Those conditions are linked to cardiovascular disease. By brushing, flossing, using mouthwash and getting regular exams and cleanings you can reduce the bacteria in your mouth.

Tooth Pain can effect quality of life and health

Pain in you teeth and mouth can bring on health issues. Pain can keep you from eating or keep you awake at night. Both those factors can degrade your health. Painful teeth can also be a distraction from work - not allowing you to focus. If you experience pain that is effecting our day-to-day you should contact a dentist as soon as possible.

Some Medical conditions can have negative effects on your teeth

It’s also true that certain medical conditions can negatively effect your teeth. If you have diabetes, osteoporosis, or alzheimer’s make sure your dentist knows about it. They may have additional advice and regiments to keep your teeth healthy.

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